I woke up the day after Rosh Hashana and thought, “now what?” What does life look like now? You see, on Rosh Hashana, my husband and I made a huge transition, we passed the baton and after thirty years of leading a congregation, we stepped down. This new transition has been very challenging!

All of us have transitions. We transition from a child to a teenager, a teenager to a college student, a college student to a working adult, wife/husband, mother/father, grandparents and within these are even more transitions. In the dictionary, the word “transition” is defined as, “movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change”. Transition is that in between place where you are not quite where you were and not quite where you are going. It reminds me of that nomadic life where you pull up the tent pegs and start searching for the next place that you’ll pitch your tent. As a New York City girl this doesn’t exactly infuse me with joy as I don’t like camping!

In Genesis 12:1 God says to Abraham, “Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you.” Abraham is called out on a journey, from a place where he is comfortable, to go to a foreign land. Not only does he have to leave his home, but, he also is told to leave his family! This story is in our Torah portion Lech Lecha (Get Yourself Out) and is so important to me right now. You see, God told us to get ourselves out. To leave the work that we had pioneered and continue to follow Him. This transition created anxiety, fear, lack of identity, and yet we knew it was from the Lord. The struggle became do we believe God? Do we believe that He is directing us? Seeking God in our transitions will allow us to walk in the plans that He has for us. Here are four problems that we’ll have when we don’t seek God in our transitions:

  1. Our strong fleshly desires will lead us away from God into sin. Such as lust, pride, greed, and jealousy.
  2. We’ll have feelings of impatience, where we’ll jump ahead of God and miss His best.
  3. Fear and doubt will overtake us and cause us to waiver in our faith before the Lord.
  4. We’ll have stress and pressure instead of the peace and joy of God.

When you are in a transition experience, watch out for the pitfalls listed above and instead do these five things:

  1. Ask God to show you his plan! Then commit yourself to following the path that He will set before you. If you have a strong, fleshy desire, watch out that could indicate that God is not in control. It may mean that your desires (your plans) are leading instead of God!
  2. Open the word of God. Ask Him to show you in black and white what His will is. Be careful to seek the counsel of God, and people with Godly counsel. Stay away from wrong counsel! Wait for Him to confirm His plans to you. When in doubt….. Wait, Wait and Wait. 
  3. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Impatience proves that we are not being led by the Holy Spirit. Instead we are following our own selfish desires.
  4. Stand firm in the faith that God has given you. Believe that He loves you and you will experience His leading. Doubt always leads to feelings of fear. 
  5. Trust God and remember He is sovereign. He is aware of everything that you are going through. You can trust Him to love you and preserve you at every turn of your journey. Stress and pressure are often the result of not trusting God.

Remember that you’re not perfect. We are all going to experience some of these pitfalls during our transitions. In this Torah portion we see Abraham messing up right away as he was told to leave his family. What does he do? He brings his nephew Lot! But, look in Romans 11:8 what it says of Abraham, “By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going.” Abraham made mistakes, but, he followed after God. May we all have this same heart during our transitions of life.

14 thoughts on “Transition

  1. From one “transitioner” to another, thank you for reminding me to continue trusting in Him, putting one foot in front of the other…believing we’ll get to our divinely-ordained destination. Abundant Blessings to you, Diana!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring, may the Lord continue to bless you. You have always been so encouraging. Trust you will see what the Lord had in store for you as you transition into this new phase of your life. Blessings to a beautiful Godly Woman. Thank you!
    Looking forward to up coming blogs.

  3. It is so good to be able to read your teachings. They have encouraged me. I have been going through transitions for the past several years. Some were good, some were difficult. But Adonai has always brought me through them.
    Your words are encouraging and truth.
    I’m looking forward to your next blog.

  4. Excellent, as always. Thank you. 🙂

    God’s been dealing with me on times and seasons for a year now (in conjunction with Him speaking on His plans for me). It’s surprising-but-not-surprising how many people are experiencing transition right now; it’s just that time, so to speak. Last year at the MJAA, one of our speakers (her name is escaping me right now) spoke about being in a state of “already, and not yet.” This is transition in a nut shell—for me, at least. I’m already working within His call on my life, and yet I’m waiting on the next step as well. Avoiding the pitfalls of “God did really say?”, allowing everyday irritations to become exaggerated, and “maybe He meant this spiritually only—there’s no physical manifestation—maybe I’m waiting on a fantasy,” has been…an experience, for sure. In this way, the transition period has been more difficult than the wilderness period. Maybe that’s because I expected attacks in the wilderness, and they were more blatant. Now that assignment against me has been broken; the heat is off. I’m supposed be relaxing in shalom by the bank of Yarden while He goes before me, clearing out the giants in the Land He has for me. I’m trying to enjoy it, and seek what He wants for me and from me in the interim…but I admit I’m still craning my neck, and squinting into the distance to see if He’s done yet.

  5. Whenever I have had the opportunity to hear you speak, I was always inspired and refreshed. However, I couldn’t take notes fast enough to capture the words of wisdom that you shared. The blog is a God-send for me. My husband & I are embarking on 3 HUGE transitions over the next couple of years. These words you have shared are perfect timing & since they are Spirit led words, these words could be nothing less than perfect. I will refer back to them often. These are the best notes ever!

  6. Spot on Diana!! Having been through a lot of transition in the last few years I have learned to hold on to God like never before, and he has proven to be amazingly faithful to lead me and guide me and carry me through. Even with all of my mistakes, I have learned to wait, which seems to be one of the hardest things to do but it is well worth it when you wait on him to make things right.
    Thank you for your thoughtful word!

    1. It is 5 AM and it’s just you and I and the Lord getting ready for my day at my job; which was one big transition in my life.
      thank you for writing this blog .

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