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In Times Of Despair

 In the haftorah portion of Tazria-Metzora, we find the people in great distress! There is a siege in Samaria and there is a great famine in the land. The people are desperate for food, and that’s when we meet the four lepers in 2Kings 7:3-4: “Now there were four leprous men at the ntrance of Continue reading In Times Of Despair

Mending of the Cracks

As we said goodbye to our friends on the outdoor terrace, I noticed the clay pots. The pots were big, fat, round, simple pots which had been filled with flowers to overflowing. When I looked closer at the pots, I noticed that these fat pots had huge cracks! The cracks were so big that the Continue reading Mending of the Cracks

Dime Mi Amor

Escuché su voz detrás de mi asiento. “Dime mi amor”. Cuando me di vuelta en mi asiento en el aeropuerto, vi a una mujer joven inclinada hacia adelante diciendo una vez más “dime mi amor”. Le estaba hablando a una niña pequeña en un cochecito de paraguas, cuyo cabello caía en cascada hasta los hombros Continue reading Dime Mi Amor


December 30, 2019 by Diana Levine Every day as I drive out of my development, I see them. They sit all in a row on the utility wires looking down, waiting. I can feel their stares as they wait patiently for their next meal. Does anyone like buzzards? If you had a choice would you Continue reading Buzzards

Batsheva Part Two

In our study of Batsheva part one, we discussed the first five verses of 2 Samuel 11. We delved into some of the misconceptions that surround the story of Batsheva and the shortcomings of David (see part one). Instead of going out to war, David decides to stay behind at the palace. By his not Continue reading Batsheva Part Two

Batsheva Part One

Sometimes, you think that you know someone, but it turns out you know about them, but you don’t know them. That’s how I felt about Batsheva.  As I read her story in 2 Samuel 11-1-5, I realized that I had another story in my head. I had some assumptions of this story because of the Continue reading Batsheva Part One


I woke up the day after Rosh Hashana and thought, “now what?” What does life look like now? You see, on Rosh Hashana, my husband and I made a huge transition, we passed the baton and after thirty years of leading a congregation, we stepped down. This new transition has been very challenging! All of Continue reading Transition

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