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The Blazing Furnace

Every year, at this time, I dread the Florida heat. It is so hot that it feels like you’re in a furnace, and the only place of refuge is any place that has air conditioning. Whatever you do, don’t walk on the sidewalk without your shoes! During the hottest period of the summer, in Florida Continue reading The Blazing Furnace

…And Then He Appeared

Today’s blog is just a taste. I want to whet your appetite to search the word and find the gems that God has placed there for us during this season. The days between Passover and Shavuout, the fifty days, are so very special. These days are counted and acknowledged each evening. After Yeshua’s resurrection, He Continue reading …And Then He Appeared

These are beautiful pictures take by my wonderful friend Betty Gardner Gonzalez.

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The Great Escape

We were all excited! Driving down to Ft. Lauderdale early in the morning, anticipating our cruise was making us all punchy! We pulled into the parking lot and were directed to a spot towards the back, when we saw them. Monkeys! Two adult monkey’s and a baby were sitting there looking at us. At this Continue reading The Great Escape

Who Has Your Back?

All throughout the bible God shows himself time and again as being the one who has our backs. He is the one who knows our needs before we ask, before we have realized that we even have a problem! In the Garden of Eden, we see God knowing that Adam would need a companion, and Continue reading Who Has Your Back?