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Scarred But Beautiful

When I was a new mother (my daughter was probably a couple of months old), I was changing her diaper, when I looked down at her and saw a line of blood on her face! As any mother would, I totally freaked out and realized that I had cut her with my diamond engagement ring. Continue reading Scarred But Beautiful

The Gift of Confession

This teaching follows the blog series “True Confessions”. Each of these are stand alone teachings but are related to one another and each adds another facet to the concept of confession. In this video teaching we explore the necessity of confession, the stumbling blocks to confession and the bridge that God constructs through confession to Continue reading The Gift of Confession

These are beautiful pictures take by my wonderful friend Betty Gardner Gonzalez.

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True Confessions

As we were driving to board our long-awaited retirement cruise, our friend Bob prayed for us in the car. He prayed that God would bring divine appointments to us. These next three blogs are a result of that prayer! It began when we met a couple, and soon all four of us were engaged in Continue reading True Confessions

Anger Management

I am blessed to have two sisters. They are as different as night and day but, they are both an essential part of my life. In this month’s parsha, “Chukat”, we read of Moses’ sister Miriam in Numbers 20:1, “Then the sons of Israel, the whole congregation, came to the wilderness of Zin in the Continue reading Anger Management