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God Is Obsessed With Us

My friend Bob gave a great commentary on the Torah portion, Bamidbar. The book of Bamidbar (In the wilderness) or Numbers begins with a census, counting and making order. The point that Bob made that captivated me was his example of having collections of loved items, when he was young, that would give him enjoyment. Continue reading God Is Obsessed With Us

Ruth the Expert Farmer

The last time we had a garden was in Marietta, Georgia. The soil was deep red clay which stained your hands, your clothes and anything else that it came into contact with. We worked hard to grow some vegetables in our little patch of ground. As we approach Shavuot in just a few days, I Continue reading Ruth the Expert Farmer

From Deadhead to Grayhead

We were at a family gathering when my cousin Millie’s two sons (giant oak trees) pointed to a chair and said, “Doña please sit”. Doña I repeated, did he just call me Doña? I’m not old why would he call me Doña? This term of Doña (Spanish title) was first used as respect for the head of a landowner (Don) and Continue reading From Deadhead to Grayhead

These are beautiful pictures take by my wonderful friend Betty Gardner Gonzalez.

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Part Two: Waiting in Line

In last month’s blog we looked at Genesis chapter 24 and the story of Isaac and Rebecca. We saw Abraham coordinating a marriage for Isaac at the end of his life. Abraham sends a trusted servant with specific instructions; Abraham said in Genesis 24:4, “but you will go to my country and to my relatives, Continue reading Part Two: Waiting in Line

Waiting In Line

We sat excitedly waiting for the ceremony to begin. The wind was blowing, the clouds were rolling in, the waves were crashing, and we all sat with big smiles on our faces. Now Joey and Haley stood under the chuppah holding hands and beginning a new life together. The Rabbi spoke about when they first Continue reading Waiting In Line