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The Great Escape

We were all excited! Driving down to Ft. Lauderdale early in the morning, anticipating our cruise was making us all punchy! We pulled into the parking lot and were directed to a spot towards the back, when we saw them. Monkeys! Two adult monkey’s and a baby were sitting there looking at us. At this Continue reading The Great Escape

Who Has Your Back?

All throughout the bible God shows himself time and again as being the one who has our backs. He is the one who knows our needs before we ask, before we have realized that we even have a problem! In the Garden of Eden, we see God knowing that Adam would need a companion, and Continue reading Who Has Your Back?

Are You Punch Drunk?

When I was a kid in elementary school, the dismissal bell at 3:00 filled me with dread. I was a nerdy kid who loved to read, loved art, was fat, not good at sports, wore braces and I was an easy punching bag. When the bell would ring and I walked outside unto the school Continue reading Are You Punch Drunk?

Los Desesperados

Crecí en un hogar latino en el que la comida era fundamental para nuestro hogar. Ninguna celebración se llevó a cabo sin grandes cantidades de comida y concursos con todas las tías compitiendo por ser la mejor cocinera. Entonces, cuando comencé mi viaje hacia el judaísmo mesiánico, ¿me sorprendió una fiesta (Yom Kippur) sin comida? Continue reading Los Desesperados

The Accuser

There is a beautiful piyyut (liturgical poem) that is sung during Yom Kippur that is called, “Ki Hinei Hachomer” (Like Clay In the Hands Of the Potter) which I have fallen in love with! It is a medieval liturgical poem and it is based on Jeremiah 18:6; “Can I not, O house of Israel, deal Continue reading The Accuser

La Búsqueda

A medida que nos acercamos al mes de Elul, tradicionalmente nos preparamos para buscar nuestros corazones y recurrir a nuestro Dios. Cuando miramos la palabra “Elul” es similar a la raíz del verbo “buscar” en arameo. Los rabinos usualmente conectan a “Elul” con la idea de buscar nuestros corazones y prepararnos para los días santos. Continue reading La Búsqueda

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